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COVID 19 Multidisciplinary Followup

The Covid 19 epidemic has had a profound effect on medical practice.


Following recovery from the acute COVID-19 illness, shortness of breath, chest pain and fatigue may persist.  In a recent study, 64% of COVID-19 patients reported dyspnea and fatigue after 3 months, an incidence much higher than after other viral diseases (1)


The reasons for ‘long COVID’ are not fully  understood, but are associated with signs of ongoing inflammation as well as tissue abnormalities of the lungs, heart, and kidneys. Multiple mechanisms have been proposed leading to cardiac damage including demand ischaemia, systemic hypoxia, intravascular thrombosis, endotheliitis, and myocarditis.


At Noble medical, we offer a Covid follow-up clinic. 

This is staffed by cardiologists, pulmonologists,general internists as well cardiac subspecialists in electrophysiology, imaging, structural heart disease,

Our goal is to help test and treat post Covid patients, provide compassionate care and collect data that will help with research and improve patient outcomes.

Please let your doctor know if you want to be referred or have a medical interest in collaborating with our clinics and specialists. 

We welcome referrals to our clinics in Richmond Hill and Vaughan to help serve your patients. We offer in person and telemedicine consultation.

1. What we (don’t) know about myocardial injury after COVID-19 Matthias G Friedrich, Leslie T Cooper, JrEuropean Heart Journal, ehab145, 13 March 2021

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